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What You Should Know Before Going on a Trekking Trip in Nepal

Trekking the trails in Nepal is one of the best experiences that any outdoor enthusiast would enjoy. You can be sure of having an unforgettable trekking experience if you prepare well. It is important to prepare well before going for any trekking adventure. Keep the tips below in mind when planning a trekking adventure in Nepal.

Include Contingency Days
It’s important to have 3 or 3 days of contingency when planning a trekking trip in Nepal. There are many surprises you may encounter in the mountains during your trek. Moreover, the weather in the mountain region of Nepal can be erratic. Sometimes, bad weather may make internal flights to the trekking areas to be canceled or delayed. This is why it makes sense to have a few contingency days. If you have planned for contingency days, flight delays or cancelations will not disrupt your vacation schedule.

Nepal has many attractions that will keep you occupied during your visit. Therefore, even if your flights get delayed, you will not be bored. You can spend the extra days rejuvenating your body for the trekking trip.

Hiring Local Guides and Porters
You will have to decide whether to hire local guides and porters. If you are going on a trekking trip to Nepal for the first time and are not familiar with the local language and culture, it’s advisable to get a guide. The guide will educate you about the customers and lifestyle of the communities while also guiding you through the trekking trails.

If you hire a local guide, you can easily cover the main trekking trails in Nepal during your visit in the country. You can also hire a porter if you have heavy luggage that you would need to carry during your trek. However, it is rare to find a porter that would also act as a guide. Moreover, majority of porters do not understand English.

Find Out About the Local Culture
As you walk around the mountainous regions of Nepal where most trekking trails are found, you will hear of people called “Sherpas’. Most visitors think that “Sherpa” is a local reference for a porter or a guide. This, however, is not what the word refers to. The Sherpa is actually a Nepali caste that lives in the mountainous regions of the country. The Sherpa are known for helping visitors on trekking adventures either as porters or guides. However, not all porters or guides you will come across may be Sherpas. If you are not sure, avoid referring to any guide or porter as a Sherpa.

Nepal boasts of many trekking trails that will challenge even experienced outdoors enthusiasts. Keep the three tips above in mind when planning to go trekking in Nepal.
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